5 Creative Ways To Reuse CAARA’s Gift Boxes

In India, we all love giving presents, whether it’s Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Weddings, New year or any other occasion. Indians have a perfect gift ready for every occasion and why not? Giving a gift to an individual we care about permits us to communicate our feelings and appreciation for them. 

However, once we are done with opening wonderful gifts we are left with a mountain of crumpled gift wrappers that can’t even be reused efficiently.

CAARA’s gift boxes on the other hand are quite unique. They are reusable and environmentally friendly. That’s the reason why we have come up with some creative ways for you to reuse our gift boxes and jars, and trust us, you’ll never want to dispose of them the next time you place an order.

Jewelry box 

Why spend on an expensive jewelry box when you can make one yourself at home? Yes, you read that correctly.

It is possible to create a lovely jewelry box at home. You can reuse jars from CAARA’s kitchen essential box and place your beautiful jewelry collection in it. Put some acrylic paint on the jars and bring them to life. You can draw different patterns and colors of your choice to make it look pleasant. 


You can repurpose glass jars from our CAARA’s dip platter collection and add a few plant babies around your household at various spots, whether it’s in the kitchen window or on a shelf. All you have to do is fill the jars with a potting mix and seeds of your choice. Make sure to place it in a space that receives ample sunlight. You can grow herbs like mint, basil, rosemary and oregano in the little jars.

Sock Organization Box 

If you are thinking about ordering CAARA’s breakfast in bed this new year then don’t discard the box, instead, reuse it as a sock organizer and improve your storage space. We frequently misplace one pair of our socks in our cluttered cupboard but you can avoid that by organizing it properly in our cardboard box. 

Storage Container

The CAARA lifestyle basket can be utilized not only as a storage alternative but also as a decorative chunk. Try adding some vibrant pom-poms and it will look like a statement piece. You can even place dried or artificial flowers in it and display them in a corner of your living room. It will provide a splash of color to the lovely setting.

Décor Piece

Placing fairy lights in the jars and bottles is a distinctive way to use them. It is the simplest and most attractive method of repurposing the jars. It won’t be wrong to say that jars are quite versatile as they can be utilized in a variety of ways. They can take on many forms. When you want to bring some light to your table space, it can work pretty well. The combination of brown and yellow hues in the fairy light creates a soothing atmosphere making it an ideal addition to your work desk.

Try out these innovative ways to reuse CAARA’s gift boxes. These are some simple ways that can be used to reduce waste. Reuse and repurpose CAARA’s gift boxes and it will bring a big smile to your face.

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