Stand Out This Diwali With Elegant Diwali Gift Hampers From CAARA

Diwali is the most joyful time of the year. There’s lots of food and pleasantries. We put our best foot forward in Diwali preparations. From sweets to rangoli and decor, everything has to be perfect. This includes gifts as well.

The time to send regular mithai as gifts has become a thing of the past. With so many Diwali gift hampers in Delhi and online, we are spoilt for choices.

How about we give you some ideas? Modern Indians know no boundaries when it comes to gifting and CAARA has put together an exquisite collection of elegant Diwali gifts. Here’s a list of some of the most loved hampers on CAARA.

1. The Ultimate Grazing Tray

The Ultimate Grazing Tray | Diwali Gift Hamper Delhi | CAARA

 A cheese platter is a modern snack time essential and you can never go wrong with it. This amazing cheese platter is full of deliciousness and nothing short of heaven. It comes at a price of Rs 6000 only and contains:

  • Basil Pesto
  • Marinated Queen Olives
  • Indian Spiced Nuts
  • Cheddar & Aged Parmesan
  • Parmesan & Thyme Buttermilk Biscuits
  • Assorted Fruit (Grapes, Orange, Red Currant, Fig, Apricot, Prunes)
  • Truffle & Mushroom Éclairs
  • Focaccia Crostini
  • Whiskey & Chocolate
  • Covered Prunes
  • Ragi & Macadamia Ladoo

2. The CAARA Lifestyle Basket

CAARA Lifestyle Basket | Diwali Gift Hamper Delhi | CAARA

This CAARA basket is a perfect Diwali gift hamper for those who like to include something from everything in their gifts. It combines all of CAARA’s best and signature items in one. 

The basket includes easy snacks and kitchen essentials like: 

  • Fig & Chocolate Brownie Bites
  • White Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cookie
  • Basil Pesto
  • Vanilla Bean Candle
  • Tea Towel
  • Pack of Pasta Linguine
  • Pack of Recipe Cards
  • Pack of 3 Wooden Spoons
  • Pack of CAARA Playing Cards. 

All the items are packed in a reusable canvas & leather basket customized for CAARA by Baroque. 

3. Cook with CAARA Gourmet Hamper

Cook With CAARA Gourmet Hamper | Diwali Gift Hamper Delhi | CAARA

This gourmet hamper is for the cooking buffs out there. It is a complete cooking hamper and has something for everyone, whether they are kitchen pros or beginners. From signature dips and sauce to delicious Diwali sweets, it is all packed in there.

The hamper is packed in a reusable wicker basket with canvas & vegan leather and includes:

  • A trio of CAARA’s sauces: Basil Pesto,
  • Sun-dried Tomato Pesto
  • Aglio e Olio
  • Linguine
  • Balsamic Glaze
  • Chocolate & Banana Bread Loaf
  • Sourdough Bread
  • Focaccia Crostini
  • Eggless Peanut Butter Cookies
  • Pancake Mix
  • Grainy Mustard & Fig
  • Almond Biscotti
  • Rose Nan Khatai
  • Chilli Garlic
  • Farm Love Oil
  • Wedge of Parmesan (200g)
  • Wheat Free Vanilla & Dark
  • Chocolate Granola
  • Chilli Goats Cheese (200g)
  • Marinated Queen Olives
  • Vanilla Bean Candle
  • Tea Towel
  • Himalayan Pink Rock Salt
  • Pack of CAARA Playing Card

4. Selection of CAARA’s Modern Indian & European Sweet Bites

Selection Of CAARA's Modern Indian And European Sweet Bites | Diwali Gift Hamper Delhi | CAARA

The box of CAARA’s modern sweets is inspired by the ladoo culture of India. It is a perfect gift for mithai lovers and those who want to stick to the traditional mithai gifting ritual of India. The box has 16 compartments filled with 4 different varieties of modern Indian sweets like, 

  • Ragi & Macadamia Ladoo
  • White Chocolate & Pistachio Burfi
  • Valrohna Chocolate & Rabri Filled Profiteroles
  • Carrot & Cinnamon Halwa Tart
  • Fig & Chocolate Brownie Bites
  • Orange & Almond Cake
  • Sea Salt & Caramel Fudge
  • Walnut & Pecan Tart

5. Rezon Dancing Peacock Lacquered Box

CAARA X Rezon Dancing Peacock Lacquered Box | Diwali Gift Hamper Delhi | CAARA

CAARA offers sweet bites in Lacquered Boxes crafted by Rezon Silverware that scream elegance like nothing else. These boxes are perfect Diwali gifts if you wanna impress your boss or in-laws with your exquisite taste. The boxes contain:

  • Ragi & Macadamia Ladoo 
  • White Chocolate & Pistachio Burfi
  • Valrohna Chocolate & Rabri Filled Profiteroles
  • Carrot & Cinnamon Halwa Tart
  • Fig & Chocolate Brownie Bites
  • Orange & Almond Cake
  • Sea Salt & Caramel Fudge
  • Walnut & Pecan Tart
  • Seasonal Fruit Marmalade
  • Hazelnut & Chocolate Spread
  • REZON Tropical Flora And Fauna Cut Work Silver Plated Jali on Olive Lacquered Box.

6. Rezon Rose Platter

CAARA X Rezon Rose Platter | Diwali Gift Hamper Delhi | CAARA

This platter will make up for the most beautiful Diwali gift hamper with the Rezon Silverware’s exquisite rose platter assorted with CAARA’s delicious sweet bites. It includes:

  • CAARA Fig & Chocolate Brownie Bites
  • CAARA Ragi & Macadamia Ladoo
  • CAARA White Chocolate & Pistachio Burfi
  • CAARA Chocolate & Hazelnut Ladoo
  • REZON Rose Cutout Jali Silver Plated Plaer with Rose Quartz Base

7. Sweet And Savory Hamper

Sweet And Savory Hamper | Diwali Gift Hamper Delhi | CAARA

This hamper comes in collaboration with Back2basics and packs the goodness of CAARA and Back2basics together.

It’s the best gift hamper option for those who like the taste of both sweet and savory bites. 

The hamper comes with a tray and includes:

  • CAARA Hazelnut
  • Chocolate & Passion Fruit Tart 
  • CAARA Ragi & Macadamia Ladoo
  • Back2Basics Multiflora Honey
  • Back2Basics Gir Cow Ghee
  • CAARA Methi & Cajun Namak Pare
  • CAARA Rosemary Sea Salt & Lemon Namak Pare
  • CAARA Rose Nankhatai

8. Back2basics All in One Hamper

Back2Basics All In One Hamper | Diwali Gift Hamper Delhi | CAARA

This all-in-one hamper is made by CAARA in collaboration with Back2basics. The hamper has a little bit of everything, as the name suggests, from sweets bites and dips to honey and virgin coconut oil. It is a brilliant combination of CAARA’s deliciousness and Back2basics wholesome cooking ingredients.

All the items are assorted in a wooden tray for a chic and elegant look. This one definitely wins as a Diwali gift hamper. The hamper includes:

  • CAARA Coconut Nan Khatai
  • CAARA Rose Nan Khatai
  • CAARA White Chocolate & Pistachio Burfi & Rose Burfi
  • CAARA Smoked Thyme Chilli Nuts
  • CAARA Methi & Cajun Namak Pare
  • Back2Basics Gir Cow Ghee
  • Bcak2Basics Cold Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil
  • Back2Basics Multiflora Honey
  • Back2Basics Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

9. SUITE NO.8 Hamsa Jar

Suite No. 8 Hamsa Jar | Diwali Gift Hamper Delhi | CAARA

Gift CAARA’s sweet bites in the special Hamsa Jars which are inspired by the Hand of Fatima. The hamsa jars are known to bring goodness and luck, just what you want for your loved ones this Diwali. 

They are available in two sizes, Petite and Grande, and you can choose an assortment of CAARA’s sweet bites or select one type of sweet bite for your hamsa jar.

  • CAARA White Chocolate & Pistachio Burfi
  • CAARA Fig & Chocolate Brownie Bites
  • CAARA Carrot & Cinnamon Halwa Tart
  • CAARA Ragi & Macadamia Ladoo
  • CAARA Chocolate & Hazelnut ladoo

These were some of the most loved Diwali gift hampers from CAARA and include some preparation kits for those who love cooking, some standard sauces, and dips that they could use as a topping for many other dishes, and some assorted platters for those who would love to have it easy. They are modern and unique ideas for gifting.

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