Stuck With Corporate Gifting? Here’s What We Have For You

Looking for unique corporate gifts for your clients? 

Corporate gifting is a key part of forging relationships with clients, prospects, and employees. It can however be difficult to find unique gifts after some time. After all, how many times can you give your colleagues the same assortment of goodies and swag?

Corporate gifts are not just empty vessels you have to pass around. When used well, they can mean something to your clients, employees, or any colleague you have. 

Haven’t figured out your corporate gifting strategy yet? Don’t worry. CAARA has you covered. Here’s a list of ten corporate gifts you can choose from.

1. Chit Chat Box

Chit Chat Box- CAARA

The Chit Chat Box is an assortment of CAARA’s farm fresh dips and crostini served on an avocado halves & polka dot platter. 

A collaborative product between SN8 and CAARA, the Chit Chat Box is perfect for an evening with friends and family. As a gift, it is a unique product that delivers on both quality and experience. 

The Chit Chat Box includes three avocado halves, a polka dot classic suite platter, a container of basil pesto, a container of sun dried tomato pesto, aglio e’ olio and a gift box. As this is also part of CAARA’s Travel menu, you can get this delivered anywhere in India.

2. Subscription Box

Pasta Risotto- CAARA

CAARA has a large online store with endless choices of gourmet food delights and healthy organic food choices. From delicious arrabiata, customized cheese platters to freshly packed pasta and fresh herb dressings, here’s the ultimate collection made just for you.

And here is the question – what do you choose?

The CAARA subscription boxes have you covered in this regard. 

3. CAARA’s Make Your Own Cheese And Dip Platter

Cheese Platter- CAARA

This cheese platter contains  English cheddar, chili goats cheese, Himalayan Zarai, aged parmesan, tomato and chili jam, rosemary and sea salt crackers, focaccia crostini, assorted lavash, grapes, assorted roasted nuts & dried fruit. 

CAARA’s cheese platter is the best choice for a watch party or any similar event within a cozy and personal space. One can keep this cheese platter in the refrigerator for at least three days. It is recommended to keep this cheese platter inside a refrigerator till consumption.

4. Trio of CAARA ’s Preservative-Free Pasta Sauces

Basil Pesto- CAARA

It is a combination of three preservative pasta sauces including  basil pesto, sun-dried tomato pesto and aglio e olio. These sauces are very popular Italian sauces which happen to be our signature Pasta sauces as well. One could use this as a topping for your pasta or as a dip for any crispy Italian snack. 

Since all of our products are preservative free, it is recommended to consume all of our products within 5 days and to store the same in refrigeration during this period. This trio is packed in a well decorated beautiful CAARA box.

5. Dessert Canape’ Box 

Desert Canape Box- CAARA

For someone who loves desserts, this dessert canape’ box is a perfect gift. This beautifully wrapped gift hamper requires some time for preparation and therefore requires the customer to place the order at least 24 hours before the requirement. 

Since most of the constituents are deserts, it has to be consumed within two days. You can find a carrot cake, apple cinnamon and raisin pie, blueberry crumble, salted caramel profiteroles, blueberry and almond financier, Belgian dark chocolate mousse, chocolate hazelnut brownie and scones with orange marmalade. 

6. Peanut Butter Lover(s) Only Baking Kit

Peanut Butter Cookies- CAARA

Baking is such a passionate hobby  and skill for many. This kit contains handmade accessories and ready to bake premixes which makes baking at home so easy. 

It contains CAARA’s Peanut Butter Recipe Card along with the cookie mix, three assorted cookie cutters, measuring cups and a petite mixing bowl. This is a dream come true gift for any baking enthusiast as they can prepare it by themselves. 

7. Supper for two

Supper for Two- CAARA

Gift this hamper to someone who would love to make the very popular and healthy basil pesto in their own kitchen. This gift hamper contains every ingredient required to make basil pesto pasta at home including basil pesto, focaccia crostini, la molisana orecchiette, wedge of aged parmesan and chili herbal mix. 

Keep this refrigerated and consume it within 5 days. The shelf life can be extended naturally by spraying some olive oil. One can preserve these products in airtight containers. CAARA packs these in black CAARA gold foil box with a magnetic lid. 

8. Focaccia Bread at Home Baking Kit

Focaccia Bread- CAARA

CAARA ’s Focaccia Bread at Home Baking Kit contains everything you need to bake Focaccia bread at your home. The pantry at  SN8 and CAARA contains the best gleaming copper bakeware and accessories for making baking very easy for everyone.  

You can add wine to make it more interesting for anyone. It contains a grande mixing bowl, pantry copper scoop and some measuring spoons along with some CAARA ‘s Focaccia Premix  and a CAARA ‘s Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Recipe Card. It is best if consumed within  7 days.

9. Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed- CAARA

Surprise someone with the breakfast in bed with the goodies of the ‘Breakfast in Bed’ hamper. Keep it refrigerated and consume it within 5 days. Most of the constituents are vegetarian and if you want you can add cold cuts and meats from our meats section. 

It contains basil pesto, sourdough, almond butter, freshly baked bagels, chili goats cheese pot, smashed chili avocado and fudgy brownies. You can use olive oil to increase the shelf life for a few more days.

10. CAARA Dip platter

CAARA Dip platter contains truffle and parmesan hummus, basil pesto, rosemary crackers, lavash, farm herbed labneh and focaccia crostini. It serves four people and is served in a one of those 8*12 black reusable plates. This hamper provides you with the best combinations which would be great for an evening hangout if paired with some lovely and crispy Italian snacks. 

Always remember to keep it refrigerated and to consume it within 3 days. You can always gift it to someone who loves having Italian snacks or someone who throws watch parties.

CAARA has hampers for the ones who would love to cook or bake. If it’s for someone who does not enjoy cooking, you can just have those ready to eat gift hampers.  CAARA has products for everyone including customised hampers. CAARA serves all your requirements in a classy and elegant way. 

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