Got a party to host? Here’s a quintessential food checklist for you

There’s a buzz in the air, and it has something to do with our favorite Festival of Lights! I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences as you go around wishing people well and sharing gifts. With a round or two of teen-Patti on most people’s thoughts and the season’s best sweets and savories raising the celebrations, this is the time of year when most of us love to attend and throw Diwali parties. 

Knowing the numerous problems of hosting and organizing a party, it becomes a somewhat intimidating task when you also have to pick out special Diwali gift hampers in Delhi. The challenge multiplies this year because the celebrations must be a little more low-key. If you’ve been organizing a Diwali party at home for a long time, we’re happy to tell you that it doesn’t take much time to throw the perfect party for your loved ones. Pay attention to what our experts say and read carefully! You’re covered with these professional suggestions on how to create the finest Diwali Party this year!

The key is to plan ahead

Don’t try to make everything you know how to prepare all at once! First, sit down and plan out all of the courses, including appetizers, beverages, the main dish, and desserts. What would you like to have for dinner? You might wish to remember the menu from your previous Diwali celebration so that you don’t serve the same items twice. To cut down on waste, don’t overdo food preparations. Don’t overdo it with the cuisine you provide for your guests.

Keep it simple

Food is the most important aspect of any party. Chef Prem K Pogakula, the Executive Chef at the Imperial in Delhi, believes that “When planning a party at home, we all want to do our best, therefore we end up doing a lot of things that keep the host on their toes. They are your friends, and they want to spend time with you rather than just eat.”

Serve small portions of food 

You don’t need to prepare fancy foods that require a plate and cutlery to binge on, according to Culinary Expert and Food Blogger Reetu Uday Kugaji; instead, serve bite-sized foods with tissue papers and toothpicks or disposable cutlery so that the host isn’t seen collecting crockery from everywhere. You don’t have to do much to provide little Vada Pav bits, mini Dabelis, Rajma Galouti Kebab, Corn Fritters, Cocktail Idli Kebabs, and so on. Even cheese platters are mess-free and don’t require special cutlery. Cheese platters in Delhi are also one of the trending modern snacks and you can never go wrong with them.

Corner for DIY

You may easily let your guests participate in some cooking in addition to playing cards and other activities. Place a Barbeque with marinated meats and veggies on a balcony with enough space and let them cook their own BBQ specialties. There should be no place for formalities when it comes to your loved ones. So go ahead and get them used to cook at home.

Always keep the dips and sauces handy.

Dips and sauces have the potential to elevate any snack. They can turn a boring meal into a feast. Keeping them handy for your guests will satisfy their taste buds if your snacks are not rich enough in flavor themselves. Sauces like sun-dried tomato pesto, mustard with figs sauce, and basil pesto sauce are a must in modern parties. Basil pesto in Delhi is loved by almost every person I know as it is a dynamic sauce and goes well with almost any snack. 

Allow the presentation to work its magic

A good presentation is always pleasing to the eye; therefore, spend time thinking of new methods to make a dish or dessert seem lovely. 

Easy to serve Food items for your party.

Wild Mushroom Strudel with Truffle Oil

Canapés are a brilliant idea! They’re tasty bite-size morsels that can be served as appetizers or snacks before dinner.

All you have to do is reheat them in an oven at 150 degrees Celsius for 3-4 minutes before serving.

Chicken Jalapeño Skewers with Basil pesto sauce & Cheddar dip

This dish is a dream come true: a creamy, cheesy dip pairs perfectly with simple chicken skewers and basil pesto gives it a tangy flavor. Loved by everyone!

Assorted Cheese Grazing Box/ Cheese Platters

They are the modern Indian party snack and people drool over them! To kick off your celebration, serve them at home with friends and family, or send it as a gourmet Diwali gift hamper in Delhi. It arrives fully built in a sealed package that must be kept refrigerated until used. Simply remove the lid from the box and place it on your table.

Smoky-Sweet Tofu Avo Toast

This one is perfect for your vegetarian friends who always complain about not having enough options. Furthermore, your carnivorous pals would never refuse avocado toast.

Garlic Parmesan-stuffed Mushrooms

These are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also excellent to eat. Say farewell to Cheese and crackers and greetings to cheesy mushrooms this Diwali!

Taco Bites

What could be better than normal tacos? Tacos that are bite-sized! These little bites of heaven will not only be a hit with the crowd, but they’re also super easy to make and can be topped with sour cream, tomatoes, salsa, guacamole, and more. We adore teeny-tiny tacos!

Pita Chips with Peach Salsa

Why choose between sweet and savory in the first place? You can have it all by combining a zesty, fruity dip with these French toast-like chips.

In conclusion

With our food suggestions and party tips, you are good to go. Your guests are going to love the food and you will turn out to be an awesome host! Happy Diwali. 

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