T00 Or T-65? Know Your Flour Options.

With so many varieties of flours present, from all-purpose flour, high gluten-free flour to whole wheat, it is hard to know which type of flour you need exactly to make bread and crusts at home. 

In this article, we talk about two of the most common types of flour which are often confused together- The T65 and the T00 Flour. We have mentioned everything you need to know about these flours before you put on that master chef hat. 

T00 Flour

This very fine flour is also known as Manitoba flour and is referred to as “the” Italian pizza flour. 

A special blend of durum, all-purpose flour, and beneficial enzymes are used to create French Style Type 00 Flour. This flour is finely milled and has a higher protein level, making it excellent for baking pizza crust. 

It has excellent fermentation tolerance, excellent water absorption, and increased stretch ability. The dough is easy to work with and offers the final baked pizza base a crisp crust. 

This Pizza Flour is prepared from a blend of high-quality wheat varieties grown all over the world for the properties that make pizza dough work. It’s ideal for making any type of pizza base, and it can be used for both thin crust and thick crust pizzas. Despite its softness, it has a protein content of 8-12 per cent, which is unsurprising given the pleasantly chewy pizza bases. 

Ideal for: Pizza bases of all kinds.

Here’s an easy pizza recipe for you to start experimenting with the T00 type flour.

Ingredients :

  • T00 four- 1000 gm
  • Active dry sour dough starter- 50 gm 
  • Coldwater- 500 ml
  • Olive oil- 50 ml


Take all the above-mentioned ingredients in a bowl, mix them well, and knead them into a dough.

Bulk fermentation is not needed in this recipe. 

Make sure that the temperature of the dough you have prepared is not above 23 degrees celsius.

Take a chunk from the dough as big or small as you want your pizza to be and roll it into a ball. 

Refrigerate this ball of dough for 3 hours after placing it in a container.

Roll out the dough ball into a pizza base according to the desired thickness of the crust.

Place the pizza sauce, toppings, and cheese. We recommend using CAARA’s basil pesto sauce as a pizza topping for an extraordinary Italian pizza experience. Basil pesto in Delhi is easily available online at CAARA.

Bake at 300 degrees for 5 minutes. 

Your T00 flour pizza is ready. It is a simple process so you should get your hands on this flour and start making some delicious Italian pizzas at home.

T-65 Flour

T65 bread flour is ideal for making artisan bread with a crust. It’s manufactured from hard wheat, and the granulation is a little coarse. 

This flour has a moderate ash concentration and a high gluten content, making it ideal for making artisan bread with an open crumb texture and crispy crust.

T65 bread flour is the most powerful of all the flour. It’s made from a blend of hard and soft wheat, and the protein content ranges from 12 to 13.2 percent. 

T65 flour has a mineral concentration of 0.60 percent to 0.65 percent, according to the French style flour categorization.

T65 Extra-firm bread flour has a lot of protein and gluten, which offers a lot of structural support, which is especially crucial in yeasted bread. You can put these breads on your cheese platter for a homemade touch. Cheese platters are modern snacks and breads made with the T65 flour are the perfect centerpiece for them. 

Ideal for: Artisan bread.

Here’s an easy recipe for making French Baguettes using the T65 Flour from CAARA.


  • T65 Flour- 1000 gm
  • Active dry sour dough starter- 50 gm
  • Salt- 20 gm
  • Sugar- 5 gm
  • Water- 850 ml


  • Take all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well using a spiral.
  • Knead the ingredients into a dough.
  • The dough should be kept at a temperature of not more than 26 degrees celsius.
  • Keep the dough aside for 30 minutes for bulk fermentation.
  • Take a chunk from the dough weighing around 350 gm and roll it into a long cylindrical shape like a baguette.
  • Ferment it for 30 minutes at 32 degrees celsius. 
  • After fermentation, the dough is ready to be baked. 
  • make sure to bake it at a temperature of 240 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes. 
  • Make sure you bake it with a lot of steam to make the baguette softer.

Your homemade French Baguette is ready!

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