Throwing A Dinner Party This New Year? 5 Baked Items That You Must Try!

We got to know that you are throwing a big house party this new year! You have sent the invitations to your friends and family. Have picked up a sparkly outfit, decoration supplies are also on the way.  

But wait? Are you still undecided with which baked items should go on the menu? Don’t be concerned, CAARA has got you covered!

The new year is a time to celebrate and party and we wouldn’t want you to hustle in the kitchen wearing that stunning ensemble. Who said that the New year party menu must be prepared entirely at home? That’s the reason that we at CAARA have come up with 5 bakery items that you must feed your party geeks. With CAARA, you can put your baking worries aside and enjoy our exquisite European food.

Stuffed Basil Pesto Loaf

Stuffed Basil pesto loaf is one of our signature braided bread infused with CAARA’s preservative-free basil pesto. This is a wonderfully soft bread that is best served toasted or warmed in a skillet, either on its own or dipped in balsamic and olive oil. Mamma mia! 

Rosemary, Sun-dried Tomato & Chili Focaccia

Focaccia is absolutely scrumptious and gluten-free. It is topped with one of CAARA’s best sauces, the sun-dried tomato pesto, and is so tasty that your guests will vanish it within a few minutes. The ingredients encompass plain flour, salt, yeast, garlic, olive oil, paprika chili, sun-dried tomato pesto sauce, and rosemary. Serve it as a side dish for salads or you can pair it with a condiment of your choice.

Toasted Seed, Chili & Olive Oil Shard Crackers

Toasted seed, Chili & Olive oil shard crackers are delicious snacks by themselves or you can enjoy them with a range of lip-smacking sauces that CAARA offers. Made with Flaxseed, pumpkin seed, sesame seed, sunflower, paprika, flour, butter, sugar, rosemary, baking powder and salt these crackers are perfect for any occasion. 

Parmesan & Seven Seed Crispy Crostini

Parmesan & Seven seed crispy crostini has a crisp crust and a fluffy interior and we assure you that once you try it, it will make it into your list of favorite bakery goods. It’s an excellent finger food because of its small size. You can enjoy it with a savory topping such as fresh shrimps, tangy cheeses or flavorful anchovies.

CAARA Herb, Garlic and Cheese Bread

CAARA Herb, Garlic and Cheese Bread is a complete meal in and of itself. You don’t even need to put any extra effort into this bread. Reheat it a bit while serving and your guests will completely adore it. This bread works well as a great appetizer. Go ahead and make an awesome New Year dinner in no time by including these baked goods on the menu and don’t forget to thank CAARA when your taste buds dance with delight.

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