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A sauce or a dip is frequently the finishing touch that distinguishes a dish; it simply enhances its appeal, flavor, and completeness. Dips and sauces are essential for maximizing flavor, enhancing juiciness, and improving a dish’s mouthfeel. For example, having a wonderful sauce to pour over your BBQ meat will make a huge difference if you’re throwing a BBQ party at home, or a dip like basil pesto would instantly add flavor to your cheese platter.

We, at CAARA, understand that dips and sauces can add a gorgeous gloss and color to your dish, making it look more lustrous and taste. We have a dynamic collection of dips and sauces that can spice up your meals and turn them into lavish restaurant-style meals within seconds!

We have compiled a list of CAARA’s best dips and sauce to help you out. With their powerful flavor, you can transform any average food into something exceptional!

Farm Love Herb Labneh Dip

Farmlove Herb Labneh | Dips & Sauces by CAARA

A Lebanese classic, this thick and creamy spreadable “cheese” is prepared by straining yogurt. Consider it a milder form of cream cheese, with more protein and less fat, sodium, and calories. Plus, labneh contains probiotics that are excellent for your stomach and eating it twice a week could help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Enjoy it as a mid-day snack with crudités or a dip with lavash, spread it on bread or a wrap, or pair it with Moroccan lamb kebabs.

Arrabbiata Tomato Sauce

Arrabiata Sauce | Dips & Sauces by CAARA

This sauce is an Italian essential. The perfect balance of the sweet and tangy taste of tomatoes and parsley and the spiciness of Chili peppers is the secret of this tomato sauce. This sauce goes great with nearly any type of pasta.

You can heat it as a hot-dip and serve with focaccia, or stir this vibrant sauce into spaghetti, toss it with prawns and serve with sourdough, or just add it to a quick wrap.

Aglio e Olio 

Aglio e Olio | Dips & Sauces by CAARA

Aglio e Olio means “garlic and olive oil,” and is pronounced ah-li-oh eh oh-li-oh. The magnificent beauty of these two building blocks is that they not only serve as important components in a variety of other sauces, but they also form one of the best pasta sauces on their own. 

I believe it is safe to say that Aglio e olio is the most basic pantry-staples-only pasta sauce in the entire Italian canon. If you have this sauce on hand, you won’t even need cheese! Making an Aglio e Olio spaghetti is what we suggest you do right away!

Artichoke & Walnut Pesto

Artichoke & Walnut Pesto | Dips & Sauces by CAARA

Though pine nuts are used in classic pesto recipes, walnuts are a great match for artichokes, which give this vegan pesto a distinct Italian flavor.

With a hint of basil, this pesto is ideal for use as a dip or as a cooking seasoning. Serve it as a snack on crostini, spread it over ciabatta for a sandwich, swirl it into pasta, or use it as a salad dressing with a little additional olive oil.

Sun-dried Tomato Pesto

Sun-dried Tomato Pesto | Dips and Sauces by CAARA

Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto is a unique and tasty take on classic pesto.

This pesto is made with only a few ingredients and adds incredible flavor to pasta, pizza, bruschetta, and other dishes.

Keep it handy for a quick snack or a flavorful meal. You’ll love how easy, adaptable, and tasty this Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto is no matter how you use it!

Grainy Mustard with Figs Sauce

Grainy Mustard with Figs | Dips & Sauces by CAARA

The richness of the fig, along with the grainy texture and tangy flavor of this mustard, creates a delightful sweet-sour balance. You can eat it on its own or add it to your dish as a cooking condiment.

Use it in a cold potato salad, on a charcuterie board, or a cheese platter with cured meats and roast ham, as a dip for sausage rolls, slather it on bread for grilled cheese, or add it to a vinaigrette. For cheese platters in Delhi, this sauce is a must-have as it goes quite well with all kinds of cheese.

Basil Pesto

Basil Pesto | Dips & Sauces by CAARA

Basil pesto is produced using just a few simple, tasty ingredients. This pesto is quick and adaptable and may be spooned over scrambled eggs, swirled into pasta, spread on crostini, drizzled on top of bruschetta, or tossed into grilled vegetables.

CAARA’s chemical-free fields in Delhi and Haryana proudly grow Italian basil. We don’t skimp on the ingredients: our pesto is made with a great blend of fresh basil, excellent olive oil, aged parmesan, and pine nuts. Basil pesto in Delhi is easily available at CAARA for you to order and make your meals taste amazingly delicious.

Truffle & Parmesan Hummus

Truffle & Parmesan Hummus | Dips & Sauces by CAARA

This creamy dip has earned a name for itself in the culinary world. It comes from the Middle East and is typically used in wraps, but it’s also excellent on its own with crudité. Along with the lemon, garlic, and tahini, CAARA has infused it with two of our favorite ingredients: aged parmesan and truffle oil, giving it a European twist.

Balsamic Vinegar Glaze

Balsamic Vinegar Glaze | Dips & Sauces by CAARA

Balsamic vinegar glaze is a much-loved condiment to drizzle over anything. Chicken, steak, fish, salad, bruschetta, pasta, vegetables — there are endless options!

With the perfect balance of sweet and tangy, balsamic glaze adds a delicious, deep rich color and intense flavor to any recipe. Once you try it, you’ll be adding this vibrant glaze to everything on your you eat!


Chimichurri | Dips & Sauces by CAARA

Chimichurri is parsley and vinegar-based sauce or marinade quite similar to pesto. It’s a popular dish in countries across South and Central America, including Argentina and Mexico, and is the most flavorful sauce that CAARA has to offer. Plus, it’s a healthy sauce with plenty of fresh herbs and no added sweeteners. 

Chimichurri is used as a sauce for steak, but it also goes amazingly well with fish, lamb, and even pasta.

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