Portobello On CAARA Sourdough With Whipped Tomato Chevre Cream, CAARA Basil Pesto & Farmlove Mizuna

Portobello100 GMS
Garlic5 GMS
Thyme3 GMS
Butter50 GMS
SaltTo Taste
CAARA Veg Stock100 GMS
Cherry Tomato Sautéed 20 GMS
Goat Cheese30 GMS
Salt and PepperTo Taste
Fresh Cream30 GMS
CAARA Basil Pesto20 GMS
Mizuna Leaves4-5 Leaves
Micro Herbs4-5 Leaves 
CAARA Sourdough1 Slice


Induction Plate, Nonstick Pan, Ladle SpoonDIETARY NOTES:

Contains Dairy & Gluten



  • Cut the CAARA sourdough in a lengthwise shape and apply some olive on it and lightly toast in
  • Cut the cherry tomatoes and sauté it with olive oil on the low heat add
  • Take a bowl, smash the cooked tomatoes, goat cheese, fresh cream and whisk (or blend in small jar)
  • Heat a non stick pan, add the olive oil and sear the Portobello. Add the CAARA veg stock, butter and cook it until Add salt.
  • Slice the cooked mushrooms
  • Spread the whipped tomato cream on the sourdough and arrange the slice Portobello mushroom on top. Drizzle CAARA Basil Pesto.
  • Garnish with fresh farmlove mizuna leaves & micro greens

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