Rise up Initiative

CAARA believes that one of the ways to reduce poverty is through education and employment. In light of this we have created the CAARA ‘Rise-Up Initiative’ which trains under-privileged youths in the field of hospitality through internships where they gain hands on experience and the possibility of permanent employment within CAARA or other hospitality fields.

We are proud supporters of Salaam Balaak Trust an Indian non-profit and non-governmental organisation which provides a sensitive and caring environment to street and working children in Delhi, India. They help nurture their dreams and make them realise that their fate can be crafted by their own heart, their own hands and a firm resolve.

If you are in the hospitality business, in any capacity, a small stand alone restaurant or a cooperate hotel we urge you to get involved. Do contact us at info@caara.com and will share our experiences and help you start the three month apprentice program. Hospitality is brilliant because you don’t need to read or write to get started, its about enthusiasm and focusing on soft skills. We recommend an initial three months apprenticeship focusing on vocational skills that act as a platform for other jobs. We hire who we can post the apprenticeship. Its incredibly exciting to assist in changing the trajectory of a life and we are lucky to have had many Salaam Baalak students grow with us.