Black Olive Tapenade (Travels)

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Dietary Notes: Vegetarian, Gluten free, dairy free

Size: 210g

Shelf Life: Best before 15 days from date of manufacturing. The product should be refrigerated at all times.

Ingredients: garlic, Kalamata olive, caper berries, basil, parsley, olive oil, salt, pepper

Try it: as a dip with some focaccia crostini or lavash, spoon it inside hummus and use it as a spread on pita, stuff it into Portobello with some melted cheese on top or marinade it in Provencal grilled fish.

Kalamata, the king of olives originated from Greece, this is the star that makes this tapenade so delicious. This has roots from all across Europe from Greece to Italy to France and Spain but it is most widely seen in the French Provencal cuisine. Similar to salsa verde, this is packed with nutrients and can be used as a dip with a crunchy cracker or to use while cooking as a condiment.