Basil Pesto & Cheddar Cheese Sourdough Sandwich

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Dietary Notes: Vegetarian, Contains cheese, gluten & nuts

Size: 1 portion contains 15 bite size canapés

Shelf Life: Keep refrigerated and consume within the same day 

Ingredients: Basil, parmesan, pinenuts, garlic, English, cheddar, tomato, flour, lettuce, olive oil, salt, pepper

Serving Instructions: Keep refrigerated till consumed. Bring to room temperature and serve. You can grill it in a home toastie machine if you would like to serve it hot. 

Tea time if one of the best times of the day because inevitable it revolves around some delicious food & drinks! Our ready to serve high team menu selection is inspired by those who do it the best- the English! Follow our serving instructions and delight your guests when you entertain at home!