100ml (1/3 bottle) CAARA Herb Dressing
50gms Lollo Rosso Lettuce
Rocket lettuce 80gms
20gms Basil
50gms Baby Spinach
20gms Snow Peas


10gms Cherry Tomato
10gms Bread Croutons
2gms Micro Greens
10gms Red Radish

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  • Clean your rocket, basil, baby spinach & lollo rosso.

  • Dry them up & tear into small pieces,  avoid cutting as that will brown the leaves.

  • Add finely cut snow peas & toss in CAARA Herbs dressing.

  • Plate in a salad bowl & garnish with cherry tomato, red radish, micro herbs & bread croutons.

Caara Tip:

Quick bread croutons, toss leftover bread chopped in cubes in a oil, garlic & fresh herbs mixture.
Season well and pan sear till golden brown in a pan with butter