Creative ways to use pesto instead of pasta

Pesto which is traditionally used in pasta is absolutely heavenly! Traditionally Pesto is made from Basil leaves. But nowadays pesto is made with spinach, Arugula, Sundried tomatoes, dill, avocado, pumpkin seed, cilantro, etc. Take your pick and you can whip up a delicious pesto sauce with the ingredient of your choice.

We think a sauce this good deserves to be used in other ways that goes beyond pasta. Store bought or homemade, this jar of herby goodness can elevate a simple meal into gourmet deliciousness.

Here are few ways to use that leftover pesto sauce:

#1 Replace pizza sauce with pesto

Replace the traditional tomato sauce on a pizza with basil pesto sauce. Pesto and potato are a winning combination. Spread some potato slices, your favourite herbs and some cheddar cheese on the pizza

Voila! Now here is pizza that your taste buds won’t forget for a while.

#2 Mix it with Dips

Add a dash of pesto to your dips and taste the magic. This dip goes well with veggies and breadsticks.

#3 Pesto Guacamole

Give your Guac a herbaceous twist by adding a dash of fresh Basil Pesto. The herbal zestiness perfectly complements the more neutral taste of avocados beautifully.

#4 Mix it with Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes and Pesto are a match made in heaven. Mix pesto with roasted potatoes or mashed potatoes and elevate the taste of a humble potato into a delicious dish.

#5 Smear it on Bruschetta

Smear Pesto on a baguette with a slice of cheese is a great way to put a twist on the classic bruschetta.

#6 Bake it with bread

Stir pesto in the bread dough for a flavourful twist on regular bread. You can even mix pesto and butter and slather a generous amount on bread instead of the regular garlic bread.

#7 Swirl it in your favourite soup

Add a dollop of basil pesto in your basic tomato soup to add a flavour bomb to it. You can even add cilantro pesto some your favourite Mexican soups as well.

#8 Use it as a sandwich spread

It is an excellent addition to Grilled Cheese sandwich. Mix pesto with mayonnaise and spread it on your favourite bread and veggies and grill it up for a lip-smacking snack.

#9 Make it as a salad dressing

Add a dollop of pesto in a simple vinaigrette or in a creamy dressing and drizzle this delicious salad dressing on your favourite roasted veggies.

One can never run out of options when it comes to basil pesto. Here at CAARA we’ve curated the perfect collection of sauces and dips as delectable as our basil pesto. Order our diwali gift hamper in Delhi now!

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