FarmLove believes in making sure everyone gets an equal chance to eat better, live better, be better. Because Chemical-Free food is a basic right, not a privilege.


FarmLove is not just a brand or a supplier of chemical-free fresh produce. It is a movement to help people make the right choices about what they eat.


It is based not only on currents trends and requirements which are prompting us to cater to rising demands for cleaner food, but also on beliefs which we have derived from the rich histories of tribes and villages. We want to rediscover the value of being attached to the Earth in a manner that is pure, healthy and sustainable.


What is happening today: The history of one piece of land is very different from another, since one farm may have never used chemicals while another has chemicals loaded in it.
This is why it is often misleading to put an average of three years for an area to turn organic when perhaps it could take 7 years or only 1 year depending on the history of that area.

FarmLove’s stand: Our farming techniques are sans chemicals. We do not claim to be 100% organic, which is communicated honestly and transparently to our consumers.
We cultivate on land that is being converted from conventional to sustainable farming using holistic methods that respect the local ecosystem and are devoid of chemicals.
We test our produce and soil at every growth stage and monitor the progress of our soil.