Uncooked Linguine Pasta: 80 gms
CAARA Basil Pesto: 100 gms
Salt: to taste
Black pepper: to taste
Parmesan Cheese: 10 gms
Few springs of Fresh Basil Leaves
Crispy Leeks: 10 gms
Pinenuts: 5 gms
Olive oil: 10 gms

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  • Take a pasta pot with salted boiling water and cook pasta for around 6-7 minutes. Strain it and add some olive oil to avoid getting it dry.
  • Put the pasta back in the pan, off the heat, and stir in the fresh basil pesto and coat the pasta generously with the sauce.
  • To make crispy leeks, cut the stem of the leeks 2.5 to 3 cm thin and cut them in a thing julienne style. Dust them with some corn flour.
  • Deep Fry them on a low heat until crispy, drain them on a paper towel and store in a airtight container.
  • Toast the pinenuts with a pinch of sea salt on a nonstick pan and save for your garnish.
  • Twirl the pasta onto a semi deep pasta bowl. Garnish with crispy leeks, toasted pine nuts, parmesan flakes and fresh basil leaves.

Caara Tip:

Always keep a little bit of the pasta water in the pasta, do not drain it completely, making the texture of the sauce a little creamy