HTCITY | April, 2018

This eatery in the Capital is championing seasonal produce

With handi planters hanging from the ceiling, hand-painted tiles, a huge open kitchen and trademark hints of both, Nicobar (clothing brand) and CAARA (cafe) – NicoCaara greets you to take a refreshing break from the daily run and enjoy a gratifying meal.

TRAVREVIEWS | April, 2018

Organic food devoured in a tropical setting

Food becomes elixir if taken in the right amount and devoured in the right surrounding. My review of NicoCaara is a special one since it brought me closer to heaven in each bite. When it comes to organics, I have personally always been a big supporter and try to consume it as often as I can.


And it’s a neat package of warm lights, deep brown shades and trucks of nostalgia

If ‘modern Indian’ is the trend forward, then two homegrown brands are among its champions—Nicobar and Caara. While the former is the fashion and lifestyle brand from the Good Earth stable, the latter is known for its small plates and ‘flying buffets’ that caters for the capital’s swishest soirees. The two have now joined hands to appeal to a common clientele—the modern, urban Indian.

BLACKBOOK | April, 2018

Two trendy Indian brands have come together for a shop-café at The Chanakya in Delhi

If ‘modern Indian’ is the trend forward, then two homegrown brands are among its champions—Nicobar and Caara. While the former is the fashion and lifestyle brand from the Good Earth stable, the latter is known for its small plates and ‘flying buffets’ that caters for the capital’s swishest soirees. The two have now joined hands to appeal to a common clientele—the modern, urban Indian.

TRAVREVIEWS | April, 2018

Delightful and Refreshing

Caara @ Ogaan in Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri is undoubtedly the best place to have a great meal in a comfortable setting. Opened a few months back, the Restaurant has already started getting footfalls and table booking on weekdays. It has become a preferred choice for a couple seeking solace, an office executive willing to enjoy meal with colleagues or youngsters willing to chill out.

VOGUE | December, 2017

Chef Lokesh Swami, CAARA, Delhi

The Dish: Farm-fed chicken with liver sauce, beetroot ketchup, olive soil and stuffed chicken croquette

The Pairing: For added earthiness, serve mineral-rich Pinot Grigio Cavallina from the slopes of Mount Etna and big portions of salad along with fresh home ground sauces and chutneys.

VOGUE | December, 2017

The ultimate blackbook for in-home entertaining

Caara Catering: An off-shoot of the popular Delhi culinary school and cafe, this service by Ambika Seth, Alice Helme and Kevin Rai will bring home everything from a swish burrata station to a salad bar using the freshest of ingredients.

LBB | December, 2017

CAARA Cafe just opened a new restaurant with Ogaan & It’s got a lovely terrace

The falks at CAARA Cafe are now launching CAARA at Ogaan on Malcha Marg. It’s going to be their first sit-down restaurant offering European food {and a beautiful terrace}. The focus will still be on sourcing the freshest produce from their farm and on curating interesting wholesome breakfast and brunch spreads.

LBB | December, 2017

Learn, Cook & Eat Healthy At CAARA’s Cooking Classes

CAARA has recently launched The Cookery School at their base kitchen in Saket. We’ve attended one and are happy to tell you they’re clean, informative, and lots of fun. Their prime focus is healthy food, without taking away from the taste.

The New Indian Express | December, 2017

Ambika Seth’s catering school CAARA is all about global food experiences sourced straight from farmers, finds

Ambika Seth has always had a thing for farmers. Many years ago, she and some friends ran this socially-driven project where they gave saads to farmers and bought their yield back at prices they’d never seen before.

Vogue | November, 2017

Delhi’s It spots are balancing food with unique experiences. Here, the equations that totally add up

On a leisurely Sunday, head for a cooking class at this newlyopened studio. Learn how to churn out everything from plantbased Buddha bowls to indulgent dairy-free desserts. What’s more, you can eat your creations when you’re fi nished and mingle with other foodies.

DSSC | November 6, 2017

The Kitchen That Has Delhi Eating Out Of Its Hand

You’ve been introduced to the CAARA ladies before – Alice Helme and Ambika Seth, who have dedicated themselves to taking forward the cause of food since 2014. As they channel this passion through their Culinary Arts & Research Academy, CAARA is strengthening its roots in Delhi’s F&B landscape with each initiative, be it catering, a café, or their latest outing, cookery classes.

Entertaining | November, 2017

CAARA talk us trough the season’s best wine and cheese

On a winding lane off Mehrauli you’ll find a modern kitchen that is nothing less than a temple to gastronomy. This is where parties are catered, chefs are trained, and locally-sourced and organic produce is pimped and packaged.

Home entertaining | October, 2017

I have the luxury of crossing over different social circles

The corporate side goes to my husband Rajan Anandan, and I have the freedom to mix and match different types of guests.
If you have ever imagined being invited to a Victorian high tea, with its beautiful table laden with delicious bites, and elegant women chatting in low voices and sipping flavourful tea surrounded by interesting artworks, the setting at the home of Delhi-based Radhika Chopra is the closest you’ll come to it.

The Sunday Standard | September 3, 2017

A Delhi-based culinary academy promises to bring fine dining experience to home.

How many times have you fantasised having a fine dining experience at home? Or,
fed up with the routine dal-chawal, longed for some melting gnocchi or good ol’ moussaka?

The Sunday Standard | June, 2017

Food through the eyes of purists

Here are two girls with a unifying intention to prevent the fading interest in local, seasonal and organic food that’s being dangerously threatened by the modern world’s fast-food culture. Alice Helme and Ambika Seth, directors at CAARA are leading a food movement from farm to table that envisions a time when people will be able to get food that’s best for them.

EAT TREAT | March, 2017

These 6 Artsy Cafes In Delhi Are Everything When You Need Art & Craft In Your Life

Caara Café: They’re at the British council and the caféis always surrounded by art pieces and installations. Catch an art show while gorging on their Pulled Pork Sandwich, or just get yourself a cup of tea while you’re at it..

EVENATO | Feb, 2017

A One-of-a-kind Gastronomical Adventure

The much awaited Lloyd Palate Fest at Nehru Park, New Delhi that commenced on Friday, 10th February, 2017 came to an end on Sunday, 12th February after a successful three day fun-filled fiesta, and was loved by families as well as youth..

Spice Slice Bite | Feb, 2017

At Palate Fest 2017

Caara, this outlet is all about healthy and organic stuff. Must try are the Pesto Pizza and Caramel Cake. Not to mention they have got one of the best basil pesto in town. Thai Green Curry with Sticky Rice at Asian Haus proved be to another winner.

VOGUE | August, 2016

The coolest caterers to call for your weekend parties

If you plan to coop up at home this weekend instead of heading out, do so with friends, family and fabulous food. We got the pro entertainers from cities across the country to give us their favourite catering services.

DSSC | December, 2016

Presenting the Game Changers of Delhi’s F&B Industry

The final list of the 3-part series of the #DSSCPowerPackers 2016 Awards are
here. Every year we peek through Stevie’s monocle to curate our selection of the
top of the pops folks in the Delhi culinary milieu. With many a scratch-outs,
surprise additions, and ink stains on our hands, these annual lists are prepared
with much care and scrutiny.

HT City | June,, 2015

Foodies, go slow down on fast food!! .

The slow food movement is finally catching up in India. The grassroot not for profit organisation spreading the concept global, has made an entry into India and collaborated with culinary organisation CAARA to launch one of the many farm-to-fork events .

Suitcase | August, 2016

British Council, Lodhi Gardens, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi.

Flanked by a new art gallery space and the British Council garden with seating spilling out into a quiet courtyard, this cafe, due to open in April promises to be a favourite snacking spot with Delhiities .

HI BLITZ | July, 2016

The FarmLove team has started experimenting in their farm in Delhi with micro greens, edible flowers & a range of exotic vegetables .

Ambika Seth amassed knowledge about good eating and wellness from all her previous stints in the hospitality business. She then started CAARA (Culinary Arts and Research Academy) and FarmLove so that farmers get their fair share for the hard work they put into growing pesticide-free product while gourmands get to enjoy the goodness of fresh, wholesome organic fare. 

VOGUE | June, 2016

From fresh toasties to drippy waffles, every dish is a photo waiting to happen.

Up your culinary game by learning about popular food hashtags that Instagram is dishing out, says #SMOOTHIEBOWL We love smoothies and we love bowls. So we’re happy that one of the biggest breakfast trends around the world now is eating your smoothie out of a bowl.


By Ayesha Singh

The aim is to surprise, stimulate and satisfy. Both art and food do that flawlessly. When they come together, they’re a potent concoction of illimitable energy that provides nutrition to the soul and nourishment to the senses.

Indian News & Times | August, 2015

Nine celebrity Michelin starred female chefs will be travelling to India this September to participate in a new Initiative ’40 Girls to 40 Chefs’ that aims to support and provide opportunities to underprivileged young women into a career in the food industry.

Business Standard | February 18, 2014

Find out how two British women promise to alter the Delhi party landscape with their bespoke catering service.

At an event a couple of months ago at the Swiss Embassy in New Delhi, a partygoer was surprised that waiting on the guests were young Western men and women.